Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stick It To Me

Kristen the Intern here. Today we are talking about embossing powder and how double-coated tape makes it even more versatile.

Even individuals who don't know anything about tape have most likely used a variation of double-sided tape in their life. These are tapes that have adhesive on both sides. These tapes can be used for 1,000's of applications.

Tape-Rite offers a wide range of double-sided tape products. One of our products, 254M, is an acid-free double-coated tape that comes in a variety of sizes. It is a non-yellowing tape with adhesive on both sides. This makes it very popular for a wide range of applications in the stationery industry. It can be used for bonding papers together, envelope closures when creating invitations sets, and attaching fabrics. At Tape-Rite, you can purchase 254M in rolls from 1/8" up to 18" wide as well as die-cut strips, sheets and shapes for use in kits or custom designs.

Another popular use of the 254M is for embossing powder application when making custom invitations, cards, envelopes or whatever. The standard method of using embossing powder is to use a rubber stamp with pigment ink. After you stamp the ink on your paper the embossing powder is sprinkled on it, the excess is removed and then heat is applied. The powder melts resulting in an elegant, embossed design. So, where does the tape come in?

The 254M tape takes the place of the ink when applying the embossing powder. It gives you more flexibility in creating new designs. You can use it to make raised edges and decorative borders. If you apply it to your borders and then cut them with shapes scissors you can creat fancy shaped edges. You can also cut out various shapes using a Cricut or other cutting machine. These shapes can enhance the theme of your card or invitation. Tape-Rite's 254M tape makes embossing much more versatile!

Just apply the tape, remove the backing paper and sprinkle on the powder just like you would with the ink. Remove the excess, apply heat and Voila!, you have and embossed edge or design. If you want to know more about using embossing powder or if you want to order the stamps, ink or tape contact my good friend Beth at

Hopefully after reading this incredible blog post, you will give us a call and place an order for the 254M! Its applications are endless! If you don't believe ME, just ask Dr. Tape!

This will be my last guest blog for the summer! I will be leaving behind my role as an intern at Tape-Rite to explore Ireland for the next few months. Don't worry though, I will continue to make an appearance on the blog from the Emerald Isle!

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