Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Duct tape is used for a wide range of projects whenever you need a strong, flexible and sticky tape. Duct tape is composed of three layers, the first layer is a resilient plastic, the second layer is mesh and the third layer is a rubber adhesive.

A lot of people question what duct tape is really used for because all they see is the tape putting things back together. Duct tape is a great quick fix solution.
People use duct tape for auto repairs; planes, cars, boats, space crafts, fixing clothes, shoes and bags, home repairs and I'm a lot of other fix ups that I can't think of.

There are a variety of colors, sizes and strengths. Some people instead of fixing things with it create things. Wallets, clothes, hair things, bracelets, flowers etc.

Duct tape is the something everyone should have. I know I always have a roll around in case I need to fix something quickly.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


There are both double-coated foam tapes and single-coated foam tapes. Both have great uses.

Double-coated foam tape is great for hanging up signs, mirrors, moldings, etc. There is removable double-coated tape great for temporary signage. Double-coated tape is also great to make something pop out, on the wall or even just on a simple invitation.

Single-coated foam tape is great for gasketing, anti-scratching when moving things over an area, insulation and much more.

The foam tape comes in either black or white. Great to have options.