Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Tape Your Way, Custom Sizes and Shapes

When most people think of tape they imagine tape in a roll form.  Like duct tape. This is a very common way for tape to be sold. But there is lots of tape that is sold as pre-cut pieces.  Using these pieces helps speed assembly and maintain consistency of the finished goods.  In this column I will be discussing the options that are available for rolls in custom widths or lengths as well as pre-cut pieces.

Many types of tape are pre-cut to the finished width at the factory.  Like duct tape, masking tape, and electrical tape.  Most people are OK with the limited sizes that are available this way.  But a lot of people are not.  They may need extra narrow or extra wide rolls for their project.  They may also want extra short length rolls for kits or retail sale or extra long length rolls for application by automatic machinery.

In other instances people need the tape cut into a specific shape.  Sometimes a simple shape like a circle or a square, other times more complex shapes to fit on a special part. These parts are made from a high temperature polyester for masking off parts that are being powder painted.

TAPE-RITE has the equipment and expertise to do all of this for you. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of different types of tape and we understand how to convert them quickly and cleanly.

So if you need to speed up your production with custom width rolls or die-cut shapes give us a call.  We can solve your sticky problems.

Until next time this is Doctor Tape saying stay safe amidst the madness.