Friday, June 19, 2020

Tapes On Planes

Not too long ago this picture of a man applying tape to a jet engine caused quite a sensation on the internet. 

Passenger Airplane Getting Repaired Using Duct Tape - Naibuzz

The original post questioned whether or not the plane was safe to fly considering they were fixing it with duct tape. The short answer is "YES!!" the plane is safe to fly on.  The long answer is that it isn't duct tape but rather a specially designed tape called "speed tape" that is specifically designed for applications like this.  It will stay in place at speeds in excess of 600 MPH and under all kinds of environmental conditions.The tape is covering a small gap that opened up to prevent air from leaking out of the engine.  It isn't holding the engine in place.

Most people are very surprised to learn that modern aircraft use many different tapes in manufacturing, maintenance, repair and overhaul.  These product are very highly engineered and they meet FAA and military specifications for use on aircraft. All of them are flame retardant to reduce any fire hazard and they are designed to deal with the rigors of flying.  In fact no commercial aircraft has never crashed as a result of adhesive tape failure.  At least none that we know of.

Some of the more common applications include:

  • Holding down carpets
  • Protecting structural elements from corrosion
  • Installing windows
  • Repairing small openings in the fuselage (see picture above)
  • Protecting the leading edges of wings, propellers and rotors
  • Repairing engine electrical systems
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Happy flying!!!