Monday, August 9, 2010

Sex, Lies and Hexayurt Tape

As we make our way towards September, we are approaching the annual Burning Man Festival. The Burning Man Festival is held every year prior to and including Labor Day in the Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. The festival began in 1986 and gained its name from the ritual of burning a wooden effigy on the Saturday before Labor Day.

Since Burning Man is aimed to be an exercise in self-sufficiency, those who attend are required to provide their own shelters. Though tents are one option, hexayurts have become a popular alternative. Hexayurts can be made out of a variety of sheet goods including plywood, OSB, coroplast and more. Not only is it an inexpensive shelter, but it is easy to make and can be broken down and re-used.

Why are we discussing hexayurts? One of the most important materials when making your hexayurt is using the right kind of tape to hold it together. We have this tape! It's called bi-directional filament tape. Bi-directional means the re-inforcing fibers run lengthwise and crosswise giving the tape tremendous strength.

While hexayurts are widely used at Burning Man, they provide a valuable housing solution for other situations as well. They are ideal for disaster relief or as a temporary place for refugees. Using 5 individuals, a simple hexayurt can be built in 2 hours. In addition, people now use hexayarts for backyard sheds, greenhouses, camping shelters or even inexpensive housing. Though the basic hexayurt can be made at a low cost, as more people begin to explore the building of hexayurts, their features are becoming more advanced. Based on both the materials used to build and the interior amenities, hexayurts are now becoming more expensive and luxurious. To learn more about hexayurts and view videos detailing the building process, go to:

At Tape-Rite, we sell bi-di filament tape specially made for assemblage of hexayurts. If you are interested in more information regarding tape used for building a hexayurt, please visit:

For general information on the Burning Man Festival, visit:

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