Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stardream or Tape Nightmare?!

Stardream paper has become one of the most popular types of paper used in the stationery industry. Its pearlescent finish adds to the appeal of any project or stationery item. The paper is coated on both sides and has a finish that gives it a high quality look.

Though the look of your finished product is enhanced when using Stardream, the paper also has a dark, sinister side that no one ever realizes until they begin to use it. The coating that I previously mentioned is a UV coating made of silicone plastic which makes Stardream one of the most difficult papers to stick to. This becomes a real challenge when putting together detailed invitations or crafty projects.

Lucky for you, TAPE-RITE has a specific product intended for use with the stardream paper. Our 7502X transfer tape for ATG dispensers is a hi-performance grade tape that works very well on Stardream and other papers like it. The 7502X is available in two different sizes, 1/2" and 3/4", both in 36 yard rolls. It has superior holding capabilities that make it the perfect tape for use on Stardream and other papers like it.

In addition to being effective on the Stardream paper, the 7502x can hold similar hard to stick papers or plastics. It can also be used on lighter papers if you are looking for a tape with a strong amount of adhesion. In fact, the adhesion level of the 7502X is 150% stronger than the standard adhesive ATG tape! The 7502X is economically priced in comparison to the standard-grade despite the enhanced level of adhesion. The 7502X works in any ATG dispenser.

So, if you use Stardream and you need a tape that really sticks, call TAPE-RITE! If you have another inquiry regarding a specific application, give us a call too! We are here to solve your sticky problems!

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