Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The House Strikes Back

In an earlier post I spoke about renovating my house.  At the time I felt that the project was progressing nicely and would be finished soon. HA!! The house has other ideas.  It seems that it has been lying in wait, using my confidence against me. I realize that house are inanimate objects incapable of thought or action but this is different.  IT'S ALIVE!!!

What has it done you ask?  Leaks have sprouted and mysteriously disappeared when I go to fix them. Wallpaper refuses to come off even after the addition of copious amounts of chemicals that may have shortened my life by several years. Windows that were working perfectly are suddenly balking at my touch.

The real kicker is that half my cabinets came in damaged or badly assembled. And while the cabinet company is getting me replacement cabinets it is slowing everything down by another week. I can't order a counter top until the new cabinets are installed.  I can't do the finish electrical work either.  All I can do is look at the carcasses of my future kitchen, mocking my confidence that I would be done by now.

And then there is the painting.  In the last column I revealed that I was being defeated by bad painter's tape and that I was a moron for not hiring a professional painter to do the work.  Well here I can say that I have prevailed.  At least for now.  On a very small scale. The final outcome is still in doubt but I feel as though I have gained some traction. I will be facing a major test in the next few days when I try to paint over the lime green paint in the second bedroom. I am tempted to just leave it and blame it on a bad reaction to cold medicine.

Thanks for you compassion in all of this.  I can feel the love from here.  I will keep you posted.

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"A true friend stabs you in the front" -- Oscar Wilde

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