Monday, May 27, 2013

It's All Over Now

Well the Stationery /Supply Side Shows are over and I have finally recovered.  The stress and strain on my body is severe and it's a miracle that I survive every year. But the effort is well worth it.  I get to meet some of the most creative people who produce beautiful, elegant, humorous, poignant cards and invitations. The level of quality always amazes me. 

Even though we do lots of business during the 3-1/2 days of standing around the best part is meeting the incredibly interesting people that attend and exhibit.  Listening to their ideas, seeing their products, finding out about their goals is inspiring and exciting.  Unfortunately most of them have the lifespan of fruit flies and are never seen again.  Why?  Because it is very difficult to capture the imagination of the public. Just because you have a great idea doesn't mean people will give you money for it. Most consumers don't bother to seek out the new and unusual.  I say that they should and support the creative process. And you will wind up with unique and beautiful items that will impress you friends.

One of the unusual things I have noticed about the people at the show is that a preponderance of them have suitably quirky names that seem to exude creativity. I have met women named Isley, Dabney, Clothilda and Genevive. The men were up there as well but not to the same extent.  I guess a cute, artsy name goes better with a girl than a guy.  I guess your name does influence your future.

At the show we had a couple of special deals and we are running them until the end of June.  If you need a new ATG dispenser we are offering the ATG-50 dispenser ($27.50 list) for $20.00 if you buy a full case of any type of ATG tape. But wait, there' more!  If you buy 2 cases of any type of ATG tape (you can mix and match) you get a FRE ATG-50.

Our other deal is for the popular ZCM-1000 electric dispenser.  This dispenser is designed for non-ATG tapes.  It automatically feeds the tape out and cuts it to a pre-cut length. This is great for putting the tape on envelopes or other pieces of paper where you want the consumer to remove the backing paper.  Normally this beauty sell for $698.00.  But until the end of June it is only $598.00.  It sounds like a lot but if you are doing serious taping it will pay for itself very quickly.

You can check out all of our products for the stationery industry at  Just click on the Supply Side tab on the left side of the screen and you are there. Any questions you can always call us at 1-800-882-7348.

Only those who see the invisible can do the impossible.  -- Bernard Lown

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