Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tamper Tape Makes It Evident

With all of the unrest in the world today many companies and governmental agencies are turning to tamper evident tapes for help in preventing and identifying tampering with shipments, documents and equipment. There are many types of tape (and labels) that provide visible evidence of tampering.  They can't prevent it but you will be aware of it. TAPE-RITE offers a complete line of products to help you with compliance in this area.  Check it out here:

The most basic type is printed tape either with a pattern or a logo.  Available as gummed tape or plastic tape these products provide a low cost solution to provide a minimal level of tamper evidence. They also serve as an easy way to identify shipments.

For small packages or retail items the package opening can be sealed with a self-destructing labels.  These labels can't be peeled off in one piece making them almost impossible to replace. Another type of tamper evident label will leave behind a pattern (dots, checkerboard, etc.) and then it can't be replaced because the adhesive loses it stick. These labels can be further customized with logos or other information. This provides a very high level of package security.

There are also case sealing tapes that have the same characteristics.  They are available in small rolls for hand held dispensers or long length rolls for automatic case sealers.  These tapes can be custom printed with logos and serial numbers.  The serial numbers change every 9 inches and allow you to record the numbers on each case giving you the highest level of evidence.

Recently we worked with a Fortune 500 company that builds large equipment in Mexico.  They were told by Homeland Security that they had to make these truck-sized thingies tamper-evident so that people or contraband couldn't be smuggled in them.  After shrink wrapping the units they used custom printed tape to create a seal between equipment, shrink wrap and pallet providing clear evidence if it was tampered with.

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