Thursday, June 6, 2013

The House is Burning

It's getting close to Hexayurt season.  For the uninitiated the Hexayurt is a temporary structure that was designed to house the victims of war and natural disasters.  While it has been used extensively for this purpose, the Hexayurt has become the shelter of choice for those attending Burning Man.

What is Burning Man and why does Dr. Tape give a hoo-hah about Hexayurts?  Good questions. Burning Man is the culmination of a series of festivals where people go to celebrate whatever it is they celebrate.  The finale takes place in the Nevada desert at the end of the summer.  They burn a giant effigy and then everyone goes their merry way. My friend Lynne (who's opinion I value greatly) has declared that Burning Man is waaaaay past it's expiration date. It has become the lair of the painfully hip and therefore should be avoided at all costs.  I don't hold this opinion but in the interest of fairness I try to get all sides.

As far as the Hexayurts go, well they use a special kind of tape to construct them.  What kind of tape? Why Hexayurt tape of course.  You can check it out here:  Last year Dr. Tape got bad advice from Adhesoman (my trusty sidekick) and we ran out of tape.  I assure all of you that will not happen this year. In addition we are holding the price from last year.

For those of you that actually read my posts you know that 1) I am in the process of renovating a house and 2) that I have threatened to try and build a Hexayurt.  Well along with the house I now have my own backyard, the perfect place to build a Hexayurt.  What will I do with it?  Hard to say, but I will find a good use for it. If I had a pool I would use it as a pool house.  In fact the house came with a disgusting aboveground creation that took up the entire back yard.  It's gone now and I feel much better for it.

That's all for now.  Remember that It's TAPE-RITE ( for all of your tape needs.

"Art is the signature of civilization" -- Beverly Sills

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