Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sometimes It's Not That Sticky

When most people buy adhesive tape they want it to be as sticky and permanent as possible. Over the years adhesive development focused on this. Many types of adhesive systems were developed that allowed for very high performance bonding on a wide range of surfaces.

But sometimes the tape is only needed temporarily and then it needs to be removed without leaving a residue. These tapes are made from a variety of materials and have many different uses. By knowing what's out there you can find the one that's right for you.

Lettering Application Tape (Sign maker's Tape) -- This is a low tack paper or polyethylene tape that is used to transfer pre-cut vinyl graphics from the roll to the sign or vehicle while keeping them in register. Certain vinyls may have special requirements for peak performance.

Surface Protection Tapes -- These tapes help keeps finished metal, wood or plastic from getting dirty or scratched during processing and handling. Lettering application tape also makes a good general purpose surface protection tape for most flat or simple curved surfaces. They can be left on for extended periods but they won't do well at high temperatures or in direct sunlight.

PVC based films are much softer which means they conform to complex shapes much more easily than paper or polyethylene. In addition they can withstand being stamped or bent. This means they can be placed on flat polished metal that needs further processing. The PVC film protects the finish from damage during forming. Many PVC films have UV inhibitors in them that allows them to stay outdoors for up to a full year. This makes them an excellent choice for protecting window and door frames during construction.

Polyester based films are very stiff compared to PVC, polyethylene and even paper protection tapes. This means they don't conform to sharp or compound curves very well. Yet they are extremely durable and are the most effective at preventing scratching or other surface damage during manufacturing and shipping. If you ever see a picture of an airliner during construction it may be covered with a green plastic. That is a polyester surface protection tape. These tapes are also more expensive than most other surface protection tapes.

Carpet Protection Tape -- This is a very low tack polyethylene tape that is used for keeping carpets clean during construction or installation. It is an inexpensive way to prevent clean carpets from expensive damage.

The best way to determine which one you need is to give us a call and let us help you figure it out. That's why TAPE-RITE is here, to make sure you get the right tape for your job.

Veni, Vidi, Ductii -- I came, I saw, I used Duct Tape

Julius Caesar

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