Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wonders of ATG Tape!

This week, I will be guest blogging for Doctor Tape. I am Kristen, the intern. I started at Tape-Rite in June and I will admit I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had always been aware of tape and its uses, but I would never have known how many kinds were in existence or how many things people actually use tape for.

My introduction to the world of tape began with a lesson on the ATG dispenser by the one and only Dr. Tape. I soon learned that the ATG system would become my best friend as I began to work with Tape-Rite's Stationery and Craft & Hobby customers.

Though loading the dispenser seems daunting at first, transfer tape has simplified the work of those involved in the Stationery, Hobby and Arts & Craft industries. The tape can be easily applied using the dispenser to attach papers, plastics and more. Tape-Rite highlights three different grades of this tape, ranging from standard to extra thick grade, making it essential for any application. To jump right to the instructions and avoid reading the rest of the blog, click here: (We really think you should read the rest of the blog though!)

The standard-grade ATG tape is acid-free and preferred for lighter papers. The acid-free formula makes it possible to use in sample books, because the tape won't ruin or discolor the paper. The next level up, which is 150% the adhesion level of the standard, is the hi-performance grade. It is made in order to join together hard to stick papers or plastics, which is a common issue when developing invitations or cards. The most intense ATG tape, the extra thick grade, is successful in putting together even the most heavily textured papers, including those with a linen finish. The transfer tapes can be purchased in widths of 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" for both small projects and larger ones.

All of the ATG tapes are similar to rubber cement on a roll. They are pure adhesive with no internal support. Though very sticky when putting together your projects, this means that it can be wiped away if you make a mistake. Also, if you are using the tape to add narrow trim or something else smaller than the tape's width, you can easily wipe away the excess producing a clean, professional result. Because it eliminates messy glue, the ATG system helps speed your production and development of new products.

Since the loading of the ATG dispenser is the most important step to using your transfer tape, we have put together a step by step photo guide to help you on your way to mastering the ATG system:

If you have not yet used the ATG system and you are looking for a simplifed way to join together paper or other materials, you must try it! If you have already mastered using your ATG dispenser, give TAPE-RITE a try for all your ATG tapes! After all, we are the "Specialists in Specialty Tape!"

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