Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why tape? Why Tape-Rite?

Many people aren't aware that adhesive tape is a relatively new invention. The very first adhesive tape was created by a division of Johnson & Johnson called PERMACEL. The first tape they created was that white cloth bandaging tape. It was developed at the request of the US Army during World War I to hold bandages in place on the battlefield. After the war PERMACEL was spun off as a seperate company. They recently shut down the company and sold off the brand name but the tape lives on!!

After the war more types of tape were developed including masking tape for painting cars, cellophane tape for office use, duct tape for sealing heating and cooling ducts, filament tape for strapping bundles together, vinyl electrical tape and so on. As more and more modern materials were developed many were turned into tape for specific applications. In fact adhesive tape is on the cutting edge of advanced materials application. Today's tapes are made from polyester, Teflon, Tedlar, Kapton, PEEK and more.

Why so many types of tape? Because as industry adopts modern materials and manufacturing techniques they need tapes that can perform under the conditions presented by the situation. Whether it is high or low temperatures, high shear stress or any number of other requirements modern adhesive tapes can do the job. In fact new tapes are hitting the market at a record pace to keep up with up with industry demands.

This brings us to TAPE-RITE. We bill ourselves as "The Specialists in Specialty Tapes". This is not just our motto, it's the central driving force of our business. We are constantly in contact with the dozens of manufacturer's we represent to stay updated on the latest products and their applications. Our company's President, Andy "Dr. Tape" Machover, is often asked to talk at symposiums about adhesive tape with other leading industry experts. This constant contact with others in our industry means we can provide you with all of the options available for your requirement.

So if you're stuck for the right tape (stuck, it's a tape joke. Get it?) give us a call and let us solve your sticky problem.


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